About us

Auto-rent is the rental car and van platform of DANIMA & CO Ltd for individuals and corporate clients.

Our top priorities are economy, comfort, safety and reliability of the motor vehicles, the fast reaction of our team and the flexibility of our customer service.

If you are looking for independence in your travel, renting an economic vehicle is an excellent decision. We offer rental cars from Sofia for your holiday, trip, or business travel to any part of the country.

Our corporate strategy prioritizes the continuous upgrading and expansion of our car fleet in response to the market demands and the requirements of our customers.

All our motor vehicles have undergone annual technical inspections and are subject to regular maintenance in authorised car repair shops.

The rental price of the vehicles includes all road taxes and insurances which make possible its driving throughout Bulgaria. Pickups and drop-offs of motor vehicles at airports, bus stations, railway stations, or specified addresses are charged with an additional fee of €5. There is no limit to the distances covered within the territory of Bulgaria.